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Wall Fountains

Shouldn't your own villa or backyard feature such a gem of a fountain?

Many swimming pool feature a cascading water element to them these day.

Step out of the expected, the mundane and into the splendid and eclectic.

Those antique and newly restored wall stone features are nothing short of outdoor architectural gifts for the eyes.

We can all imagine such a hand carved stone art piece overflowing water into our pools with an intermediate stone basin cascading that water downwards.

Instead of a generic stacked faux stone wall one must consider turning up their game a notch in order to achieve architectural ecstasy.

This small wall fountain mural detail can make a world of difference in the way you never thought possible.

Your relationship and perception to your entire outdoor living space will take a turn for the best.

Don't take our word for it just look at our multitude of projects and accomplished works of art and you be the judge!

Our wall fountain elements have adorned countless award winning landscaping projects globally now for about 20 years.

We've been featured on the cover pages of countless global design magazines that attests to the uniqueness and rarity of our wall fountain accomplishments.

From public landmarks and town centers to acclaimed homes and secluded mountain villas, our fountains have been at the heart of any successful outdoor landscape marvel from across Lebanon and the rest of the world...