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Founded in 1998, Our flourishing family business (our mother and sister companies) has become one of the premier purveyors and exporters of reclaimed and aged architectural elements, antique wall and floor stones into all four corners of the globe. Our Proprietors traverses the off the beaten tracks in order to bring in the best and highest quality limestone blocks and other one of a kind stone elements. Our love of European and Mediterranean evolving art history and architecture has made our creative visionary unmistakably unique.

Since opening its doors, our warehouses has grown from 500 square meters to a commanding 40,000 square meters, We at Stoneworks International stock our warehouses up to the gills filling them with uncanny architectural and monumental antiques from the 15th through the 21th centuries, reclaimed from antique limestone floors, walls, sinks, fountains and fireplaces and much, much more.

If you are looking for something unusual, rare and exquisite, look no further than Stoneworks International.