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Aurum Stone

The Aurum Antique limestone floors are reclaimed ancient floors that have been hand salvaged from the interior of hundreds of old homes and Medieval structures, villas, forts and castles of all types, typically found in scattered small villages from across the Southern parts of Europe.

The beauty of the Aurum limestone is that it's smooth limestone yet very hard and resistive to abuse. Since it is more available and younger than the ëBible Stoneí itís about half its cost. We have shipped this and many of our other stone lines to all four corners of this world and have built for close to 20 years a platinum reputation with zero return of breakage of our material.

In fact the Aurum Stone is crystalline composition is able to resist any extreme weather condition of traffic volume.
This stone blend offers a mature and consistent mixture of ancient nostalgic beauty and modern expressionist nuances.

It is a wise choice for many of our landscape architects and designers who have used it for years on both their indoor and outdoor elevations covering over pools, BBQ areas, Kitchens, Living rooms, Bathroom, inside fireplaces and entire floor levels.