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Our antique limestone fireplaces have an unrivaled character and patina that was slowly created over the cycling seasons, years and centuries.

From lichen, moss and vegetation overgrowth that has collected on their surfaces to the hundreds of winters that have soaked their carved surfaces with water and snow, they all have left their markings on them.

Out limestone carving tradition in Lebanon goes back several millennia to an era just before recorded history.

Many invading armies and civilizations has come and gone leaving little more than historical scribblings on the face of our mountains in 'Naher El Kaleb', a testimonial to the rigidity on our hard limestone surfaces that is ideal for carving and etching.

Our part of the world is most famous for it's master carvers and legendary stone craftsmen that predates history.

Since the era of Canaanites some 6000 years ago the locals have been using our natural limestones for carving out villas, homes, temples and castles.

Stoneworks offers full delivery and installation support throughout Lebanon and the gulf region, Europe and the US through a network of qualified journeymen who are very familiar with our fireplaces and have been installing them for years .