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"People are happiest in buildings where change occurs at every scale from weeks to centuries. Such buildings are fractals in time."

. Stewart Brand .

Stone Elements

Architectural reuse processes include adaptive reuse, conservative disassembly, and reusing salvaged materials.

This definition is broad and inclusive permitting many different interpretations; however, the underlying objective is that architectural reuse be understood as an evolutionary process occurring over time.

At Stoneworks we've perfected the art of re-purposing of old dimensional limestone and marble blocks into an never-ending array of colums, kitchen and BBQ sinks, fireplace leggings and lintels, water elements and fountain features.

Looking forward to your visit to one of our showroom spaces for a more in-depth and one on one experience. What we show here online pales in comparison to our 20 years old continuously growing physical stock or all things out of stone.